Crafting Hope, Healing, & Peace

One Stitch at a Time

Since our founding in June 2006, we have delivered requested handmade items to more than 155,063 people living in communities across the United States and 80 countries around the world.

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Thank You!

This work is possible thanks to thousands of individuals who create the items independently and in groups called Peace Pods; more than 4,032 volunteer delivery partners; and hundreds of financial supporters just like YOU!

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Start Your Own Peace Pod

Peace Pods have “sprouted” in a variety of settings: libraries, churches, synagogues, community centers, and private homes.

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Find a Peace Pod Near You

Peace Pods are groups of knitters and crocheters who actively support the work and mission of Knitting4Peace.

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Become a Delivery Agent

Delivering our items is an experience that can be powerful beyond description, and will change your perspective on the world.

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Our Mission

Knitting4Peace harnesses the power of love through compassionate creative action that invites, involves, and serves all women, children, and families in our own communities and countries around the world.

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Who We Are

Our widespread community also includes thousands of women, children, and families in local and global areas of conflict who receive our items of hope, healing, and peace.

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How To Join Us

We welcome any one and every one interested in crafting peace & justice through non-violent compassionate action. You can join us by knitting, crocheting, weaving, or quilting on your own.

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Our Newsletters

We publish a newsletter once a month, packed with news stories that we are inspired to share with you.

Giving of Our Extra Yarn

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New Year, New Hopes

In this new year, it is our desire to continue bringing hope, healing, and peace to people in need in our own neighborhoods and around the world. Our collective work of stitching hats, mittens, scarves, blankets, and Peace Pals truly makes a difference in others' lives. This difference is the reason we knit, crochet, weave, and quilt. It is the reason we visit our homeless neighbors with a handshake and warm hat in hand; we fill our suitcases for an overseas trip to bring sleeping mats and Peace Pals to children living in villages and hospitals in need of comfort. The difference made is a tangible sense of hope and dignity that each individual receives when they get an item you've stitched for them.
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Around the World in 360 Days

Thanks to you, we have delivered over: 7,200 Peace Pals, (about 600 per month!) 6,500 adult, youth, and baby hats, 2,000 scarves, and 300 quilted sleeping mats around the world! Thank you for your donations in 2018! Thanks to Knitting4Peace volunteer, Lee Eitel, and K4P Delivery Coordinator, Mary Ellen Garrett, for compiling these incredible numbers!
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Mailing Information

Please include your name and e-mail to receive an acknowledgment of your shipment and a receipt.

2600 Leyden St., Denver, CO 80207


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