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We welcome handcrafted yarn and quilted items (knit, crochet, woven, etc.) that incorporate an element of 3 in any creative manner. This element of 3 represents many aspects of what we do. Firstly, it represents the trifold connections among the creator of the item, the recipient, and the Spirit of Life that creates and unites all of Creation. It also symbolizes the importance of the three Abrahamic faith traditions -- Judaism, Christianity, Islam -- to global peace: because these three traditions represent 2/3 of the world’s population, there is virtually no chance for global peace until our Abrahamic Family is knit together in a tapestry of respect and commitment to compassionate coexistence. The element of 3 also represents our work of crafting three essential elements of life: hope, healing, and peace.

How you incorporate 3 in your item is up to you! Perhaps you can choose to incorporate:
- Use of 3 colors in your design
- A pattern based on 3s such as k3, p3; or a number of cast-on stitches or rows divisible by 3
- Fringe with 3 pieces of yarn
- Use of triangular shapes

Peace Pals are automatically a 3 with the head, torso, and legs. There are many possibilities! See how you can creatively weave in your element of three to symbolize these loving connections.

Our tangible knitting & crocheting is an outward & visible sign of our inner dedication to prayerfully knitting together the Beloved Community. Please pray for the woman, teen, child, infant, or family who will receive the item you create, & for a future in which all women can raise their children in peace.

Our Helpful Hints & Tips section at the bottom of this page provides help on working with donated yarn, checking gauge and determining needle size.

Project Resources


Please carefully read our General Guidelines before you start your project.


Glossary. An alphabetical list of abbreviations and terms used in our patterns.


When you use donated or left-over yarn and can't figure out what its weight category is, here's a helpful way to figure it out: Handy Hints: Determining Yarn Weight.
If you want to easily check your gauge, check out 30 Stitch Swatch Magic method.

Favorite Knitting4peace Patterns

Baby Blankets

Our requests for baby blankets are local as well as global. Some of the poorest members of our local communities need baby blankets for their infants. The same is true for babies and their mothers in global areas as widespread as remote mountainous communities in Peru and orphans in Swaziland.

PLEASE NOTE: Our recipients need blankets that are a minimum of 24” on the shortest side, and preferably larger.Blankets can be rectangular, round, or square, but at least 2 feet wide on the shortest side.

Peace Pals

Peace Pals were developed by Knitting4Peace volunteers to create comforting companions for children in global areas of conflict. As our programs and community partners continue to expand, they’re now given to children, youth, and adults to provide relief in many difficult situations, in the U.S. and around the world. They’re universally loved and appreciated, and are our most-requested item.

Please use dark brown, medium brown, or tan yarns for the faces. (Please, no white, black, grey, vivid, pastel or camouflage colored faces). All Peace Pals’ faces need to be friendly! Please see photos for different ways of making cheerful eyes and mouths.

Please make Regular Peace Pals up to 7” tall, with a defined neck and arms. A seam for legs defines a “boy” Pal. If you use buttons, beads or charms, please attach them securely.

Baby Peace Pals are smaller, up to 5” tall. Please no buttons, beads, or charms on baby Peace Pals, for safety reasons. Arms are optional.

These sizes are important so we can fit more of these small ambassadors of caring and support into our shipments and into delivery agents’ luggage.

Peace Pals are not to be sold or used for profit-based activity of any kind. They are intended to fulfill the mission and work of Knitting4Peace.


Mittens have been specifically requested by many groups in the United States and organizations in Afghanistan trying to keep children (especially girls) in rural schools where winters are exceptionally cold.


We deliver scarves in global impoverished areas where temperatures can be cold and warm clothing is scarce or non-existent. Our “Community Purls” program delivers warm items to members of our local communities who are marginalized or homeless. Every winter, we receive more and more requests. During the winter of 2014-2015 we delivered items to more than 6,000 people living without sufficient warmth. Warm scarves for these folks need to be 6-8” wide (any length.)

We also create festive scarves for children and teens who attend clinics run by Global Dental Relief Project in villages of India, Nepal, Vietnam, & Guatemala. Each patient gets to choose a scarf when the dental examination is complete. As they wear their banner of success around their village they create interest & excitement among other children who then also choose to participate. Through this process all the village children learn about dental hygiene and subsequently teach the rest of their family members. GDR is very specific that fashionista scarves we send them must be 4” wide.

General Dimensions for Cold-weather Scarves: 6 - 8 ” wide by any length. (Men tuck short scarves inside their jackets; women and youth wrap scarves 54-60” long around their necks.)
General Dimensions for “Fashionista” Scarves: 4” wide by 54” long. (These dimensions come from our global recipients. We did not make up these requirements!)

Hats for Kids, Teens, & Adults

We create hats for children and teens living in dire poverty and areas where temperatures can be cold and warm clothing is scarce or non-existent. We have also begun to receive increasing requests from organizations across the USA who serve poor and homeless adults in our own communities. To modify the size of a pattern, check out the Simple Hat Calculator.

Peace Shawls

We deliver our shawls to women in need of physical, emotional, or spiritual comfort. Our shawls provide hope & healing as well as warmth. In many impoverished areas women also use our shawls to wrap their infants & children in much-needed protection. We invite you to use your own favorite pattern or try one of our favorites:

Baby Bib

We send our baby bibs to medical clinics in rural areas of Guatemala through a partnership with a University of Colorado Medical Center program supporting new mothers and their babies. Bibs are also appreciated by many U.S. community partners serving families in the process of being re-settled from other countries, and other vulnerable or marginalized populations.


We send our booties to medical clinics in rural areas of Guatemala through a partnership with the University of Colorado Medical Center. The booties are part of a new Child Development program that supports new mothers and their infants.

We have been asked to make booties 3” long.


Washcloths are sent with delivery agents to many parts of the world, including the Guatemala Project of the University of Colorado Medical Center. They’re a lightweight, practical, durable, and colorful addition to households in many countries, useful for all ages, and are especially helpful to people experiencing homelessness.

General Requirements for Washcloths: Washcloths need to be made from 100% cotton yarn. Dimensions are approximately 7 inches for an infant or child’s washcloth and 10 inches for an adult washcloth.

Quilted Sleeping Mats

Please mail quilted sleeping mats to our community partner American Foundation for Children with AIDS, Attn: Tanya Weaver, 1520 Greening Lane, Harrisburg PA 17110. They’ll be sent to people in various countries in Africa, at AFC AIDS medical clinics.

Blankets of Peace

In 2010 we became aware of the dire conditions on Indian Reservations in southwestern South Dakota where winter temperatures frequently plummet to fifty degrees below zero and many homes have little or no heat. In response, we began creating Blankets of Peace in the sacred colors of the Oglalla Lakota: red, yellow, white and black. We deliver these to both the Pine Ridge and Rosebud Indian Reservations.

Using Your Own Pattern

You are invited to use your own favorite patterns (as long as you somehow incorporate an element of 3, as explained above.) You may also recommend a pattern for our website. When you send the completed item to us, simultaneously send an email, with the pattern included as an attachment, to [email protected] Also be sure to include a note in the package with your item that provides your name, the name of the pattern, your email, and a release statement that gives us permission to reproduce the pattern.

Sources for Patterns Available on the Internet:

Mailing Information

Please include your name and e-mail to receive an acknowledgment of your shipment and a receipt.

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