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Community Purls

Our Local Delivery Program

Community Purls is our local delivery program that honors the vulnerable and marginalized “pearls” in our own communities by delivering requested items that provide comfort, warmth, and hope. Scroll down to the United States in the Deliveries List below to see some specific delivery destinations.

To participate in our Community Purls program:


Identify agencies in your area that serve marginalized and vulnerable populations.


Contact them by phone or email. Tell them briefly about Knitting4Peace and ask if their recipients would appreciate some of our items.


Create the items requested and deliver them. If the agency can use more items than you can create, we may be able to supply additional handmade items from our headquarters in Denver. Contact us and send a message telling us the agency you’ll be delivering to, which items you need, the quantities of each item, and your ship-to address.


When your delivery is finished, send us a message detailing what you’ve delivered and the agency to whom you delivered. We’ll include your delivery in the Community Purls section of our monthly eNewsletter.

Delivery Stories

If you’re interested in learning more about the communities we work with, please visit the Stories page. This is a section of our website that will expand as we receive new stories and photos from our Delivery Agents. If you are interested in becoming one of our Delivery Agents, visit our Join Us Page.

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Mailing Information

Please include your name and e-mail to receive an acknowledgment of your shipment and a receipt.

2600 Leyden St., Denver, CO 80207


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