Prayer of Blessing for Completed Items

Creative Source of all that is,

we stand before you with

open hearts & willing hands,

joined in this sacred circle

of commitment & service.

We are bound together by

the yarn of our craft and

the yearning of our desire:

to reach across difference;

to create rather than destroy;

to listen rather than judge;

to trust rather than fear;

to hope rather than despair;

to wage peace rather than war.

We celebrate the loving creation of all

these items whose every stitch is a

prayer for peace.

We pray for the women, children & families

who will receive these symbols of

healing & hope: that each of them

will be comforted by the work of

our hands and strengthened by the

mysterious power of our prayers.

We offer these heart-felt intentions with our

compassion, commitment, courage, and hope.

- Amen.

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Prayer of Blessing for Completed Items
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