​blessing for a Chautauquan With Cancer

May Chautauqua’s many Spirits

embrace & travel with you –

while you are here and

when you leave these Sacred grounds.

May you feel the prayers and love of

the unnamed woman who

created this unique Peace Shawl,

unintentionally created just for you . . .

created & crafted with prayers for

your inner healing,

hope, & deep transcendent peace.

When you have a day that feels as though

there is no hope and no possibility,

wrap this shawl around your shoulders &

remember Thunder Bridge,

spanning “here” & “there” with

strength & steadfast equanimity ,

a span between now & then,

connecting “what is” with “what will be”

quietly confident that all shall be well . . .

And when you have those bright joyous days of

transcendent vision and insight,

remember Chautauqua Lake and the

buoyant vibrancy of its gentle waves,

reminders that generations have

come & gone before us

and generation upon generation will follow us.

And when you have those “ordinary days,”

wrap this special shawl around your body

and know that every morning

a prayer is said for you,

holding you & your health

in love & compassion & peace,

recalling the ancient Celtic benediction . . . .

Deep Peace of the running wave to you;

Deep Peace of the flowing air to you;

Deep Peace of the quiet earth to you;

Deep Peace of the shining stars to you;

Deep Peace of the gentle night to you.

Moon and stars pour their healing light on you.

Deep Peace to you.

~ Amen.

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