A Blessing for Someone Dealing With Cancer

May the Spirit of love and peace

enfold you as you wrap this

Peace Shawl around your body.

May you be aware of the shawl’s unseen creator,

who offered prayers of hope and healing

with each and every stitch,

linking you together in a web of

eternal Love and Mystery.

May you receive strength from your membership in our

women4women-­knitting4peace community,

a community that is a global network providing

compassion and support for all who live

in the midst of conflict and suffering.

May this shawl be a symbol of our conviction

that cancer cannot overcome Love,

cannot diminish Hope,

cannot dissolve Faith,

cannot conquer the deep inner Peace

that surpasses all understanding.

May our Peace Shawl offer you peace, faith, hope, and love.

With our prayers,

The knitters and crocheters of women4women-­knitting4peace

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