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Prayer For A Justice Vigil

The “Prayer for a Justice Vigil” was created for an event in Denver. If you would like a prayer or blessing for your specific occasion please send your request at least 3 weeks prior to the event, including as many pertinent details as possible (see the Contact Us page.)

Some Specific Blessings

Prayer of Blessing for Completed Items
Prayer for a Justice Vigil
Blessing for a Chautauquan with Cancer
A Blessing for Someone Dealing with Cancer
A Blessing for Any One Who Has Lost a Loved One
Blessing When Dealing With Loss (John O’Donohue)
January 2017 Sermon - Prophetic Resistance: A Manifesto for Our Time

Mailing Information

Please include your name and e-mail to receive an acknowledgment of your shipment and a receipt.

2600 Leyden St., Denver, CO 80207


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