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Create Your Own Peace Pod

Peace Pods have “sprouted” in a variety of settings: libraries, churches, synagogues, community centers, and private homes. All you need is yourself and one or two others. Begin the work, talk about what you’re doing, and others will join you. Some Pods grow quickly; others have long germination periods and grow slowly. We are always happy to support you! Here are some guidelines.

“The Basics” for starting a Peace Pod

There is no cost to join Knitting4Peace, or to create a Peace Pod. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our work is possible because of the generosity and support of our members. We welcome financial contributions of any size.

The “basics” for starting a Peace Pod include:

1. Honor the Mission of our organization that’s outlined on our website Home page (

2. With compassionate intention, create items that are requested by those we serve. We don’t just make items we think would be terrific – we listen to those we serve and make the items they need. The item categories are on our website Patterns Page ( You can use any of our patterns or patterns of your own – just some-how incorporate an element of “3”, as described in our Mission.

3. Encourage all your members to sign up for our e-Newsletter to receive brief monthly updates about recent deliveries, new patterns, and a list of most urgently needed items. Sign up on the left-hand column of our website Homepage or send a message asking us to do it for you to: [email protected].

4. Check out our Facebook page ( It offers timely photos and updates.

5. Either deliver locally as part of our “Community Purls” program or send the items to us for delivery. A list of our local and global deliveries is on the website at: Send your items to us at: Knitting4Peace 2600 Leyden St. Denver CO 80207.

6. Add your group to our website Peace Pod Directory. Include meeting address, day(s), time(s), and contact person if it is other than yourself. Find examples on the current list at: You can be as descriptive as you like. You’ll notice that each Pod entry is unique.

7. If you want to use our logo or promote Knitting4Peace, please notify us first.

8. If you use images from our website be sure to acknowledge Knitting4Peace as the source; if you use our language, it should be in quotation marks and credited to Knitting4Peace.

9. If you want copies of our full-color brochure, our business card that includes our website and Facebook addresses, or our “Knitting4Peace” buttons, let us know. We’re happy to send whatever you need (for large quantities, we request that you pay the postage expense. We cover it for small quantities.)

10. Spread the word! Continue to engage others in our work. We’re crafting peace and hope very simply – one stitch at a time, one delivery at a time, one person at a time, one day at a time.

Contact us with any questions you have by email to: [email protected]

We hope you will join us in knitting together our local and global Beloved Community!

Don’t forget to take a look at our current Peace Pod directory.